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Do I Like to Argue?

Argue: from Latin arguere (“to  make clear”) The point of argument is not to show what’s correct, far less to show who’s correct. Argument is used to make clear, to clarify the evidence and logic around a point at issue. I … Continue reading

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NIH — Follow The Money

I have some questions about how the NIH sees priorities: Is it reasonable to spend 6x more on 174. smallpox (0 cases since 1980) than 226. CFS/ME? (1 million people, right now). Or 141. anthrax — how many cases do you know, personally? Yes, … Continue reading

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Rails 4 update: multiple file upload with HTML5 and Paperclip

Again, I am trying to make this the most understandable code, without any regard whatsoever for elegance. In a previous post I made a do-nothing uploader, just to get some feel for the whole HTML5 file upload process. I recommend … Continue reading

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Like Dad Used to Keep It

Every time I look at the transistor radio in my workshop, I think about my Dad. Well, not the radio, really, but the box. See all the wear and tear? That radio box is about 10 years old. Dad’s been … Continue reading

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Getting Away With Something

Then the Lord said, “How great is the outcry against the elitists and their government toadies. They cry out against the poor and say that they toil not, neither do they spin. I must go down and see who is … Continue reading

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Meaningful Pagination

Why “semantic?” “Semantic” referring to meaningful pagination. For instance, if your results are ordered by last name, which page do you click to see “Phillips” ? . . . 32, 33 >> Go on, guess! Isn’t this easier? . . . Wycliffe, Zetos >> Well? With… Continue reading

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