About Me

Husband of 40+ years standing, and father of 3, grandfather of 4. I have been a circus tent installer, hospital orderly, Air Force officer, mechanical engineer (22 patents, 1 more is pending), and a software engineer.

I am a utility-level baritone, bass player, dancer, mapmaker, teacher, cook, and painter. I don’t know much about professional sports. I can’t tell right from left without stopping to think. I am profoundly blind in the “cuteness” range. I have washed more than my share of dishes. My DW can only remember 2 times in 40+ years that I didn’t eat what was set before me. I can find anything if I have a map, but nothing if I don’t. I have failed to notice the sudden appearance of 3 foot high plants in the living room until they were pointed out after a week.

I deal with complicated stuff by simplifiying it so much that I can understand it. I seem to have been behind the door when they gave out a lot of the common assumptions, so for me, they’re decisions. It can be time-consuming.


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