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Seeds that are hard to germinate and hard to transplant? (Carrots and many root crops). Here’s a pot that lets you germinate the seeds indoors and then set them out with minimal disturbance. The SproutSetter is a specially-designed indoor pot with removable ends and sloping sides.

  1. Germinate the seeds indoors, under ideal germinating conditions
  2. Set the SproutSetter in the trench
  3. Backfill around it with dirt
  4. Remove the ends
  5. Slide the sides out, leaving young plants undisturbed, right in place.

Assembled Sproutsetter. (Snap-together)


Filled with starting soil.


Filled Sproutsetter ready to seed. Slot at bottom provides excellent, even drainage.


Controlled conditions mean excellent germination


Straight, unhindered growth


Put SproutSetter in prepared trench, backfill, remove ends, and remove sides.


Seedlings set with minimal disruption.

straight_carrot (2)

Carrots outgrew direct-seeded, and were nicely-formed, too.

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