Camera Stabilizer? Who knows?


I had a request a while back: to create a camera stabilizer like this one. The challenge: it needed to be simpler to make.


I took that to mean more assembly of stock parts, and less drilling, heating, stretching, etc. I came up with this design, which meets the criteria, and actually shaves a bit off the cost.

It uses a Female Thread – Rod End Bearing ($3.08), a piece of threaded rod ($0.56), a 1′ piece of about anything, and some common nuts, bolts, and washers. It ought to be under $10, easy.

The rod end provides freedom of rotation in roll, pitch, and yaw, and the bar with the stack of washers at the ends provides inertia for stabilization.

I think.

You see, I have never used a Steadicam. I’ve never even seen one used, come to that. I tried it, and my results were distinctly better than hand-held, but what does that mean?

So, to test it, I am looking for someone who knows what’s supposed to happen! If it gets an upcheck, then I’ll feel comfortable publishing the full instructions, price list, and sources.

If you are willing to be a guinea pig, let me know.

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