Hi-ho, Hi-ho!

Until you start using the machine for actual point-to-point transportation, it’s just a series of shake-downs. In fact, since the trike was designed as a human-powered vehicle, it’s been a series of shake-OFFS. Between the higher average speed and the engine vibration,  every time I rode, something came loose. I’m make a habit of checking all fasteners every so often, and I think I’ve caught them all, now.

So, I rode the eight miles to work and the eight miles home twice this week. Riding with a goal in mind is a much better test of the system. If it breaks, then I’m late for work, or stranded in a bad part of town, or whatever. On the other hand, nothing did break, so now I am really beginning to get some real confidence in the trike as a means of transportation.

I plan my route quite carefully. If at all possible, I use lightly-traveled 4 lane roads — they’re wide enough that people can see me around the bends, and easily pass me in the other lane. Or, second best, residential streets.

I take slightly different routes to and from work. Going uphill, it doesn’t much matter how rough the road; you’re going slowly enough to dodge potholes easily, and the ones you hit don’t rattle that much. On the other hand, going downhill, you want the best possible surface, and you’re going fast enough that you’re moving nearly the speed of traffic. So, I go uphill on residential streets and downhill on 4-lanes, if possible.

One nice part of using residential streets — people just seem to react very positively. Smiles, waves, and thumbs-ups. If I took the Google Street View pictures from the trike, the world would look like a happier place!

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One Response to Hi-ho, Hi-ho!

  1. Beth says:

    If you’ve never liked a posterous post, you should. their little message is quite cute. Anyway, I like the idea of taking a picture from the trike. Much like taking one from the boat – everyone waves and smiles.

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