Dry Run (Almost!)

So, I checked the ForecastFox weather “radar” and it didn’t look that threatening (by Ohio standards.) Saturday at 4:30 should be a relatively quiet time on the route I mean to take to work. And, I really hadn’t given the trike a good run since I remounted the engine:


Doesn’t that look better? The last few years have given ample evidence that nothing looks better sagging.

Anyway, I topped up the gas tank, all 24 oz,, and took off! Reactions were mixed about 30-60-10 (thumbs-ups & grins, puzzlement, threatened somehow), which was fun. There’s plenty of time to wave at 20mph, and a car traveling 25 mph (the speed limit (fat chance!)) takes several blocks to catch you, so there’s plenty of time to find a smooth patch of shoulder with no one backing out to let them squeeze by you.

One guy pointed out his sunroof to indicate that he thought I should ride further to the right. Maybe. This was on Market Street, a surface four-lane with maybe a car per minute traffic density. I watched him, though — I wasn’t sure what the pointing meant. His problem was: he wanted to turn right.

That IS a problem. When I’m driving a car, it’s a problem for me. Pass them and turn in front of them, or dawdle along behind them for a block? No good answer.

The best option is if the car signals what he’s trying to do. Then I can edge over to the left, and he can pass me on the right and make his turn.

Anyway, the 6.5 miles takes about 20 minutes, with hills, wind, and signals. The car takes 15, so that’s not much penalty. I burned about 16 oz. of gas, so that’s about 104 miles per gallon. Not too bad — but I need to create a tailbox for streamlining, cargo capacity and “gravitas.”

Oh, I did get a sprinkling just before I got home. Even if I’d had the rain panels (someone please think of a snappy name for those!) installed, I wouldn’t have bothered with them. This is Northern Ohio, after all.

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One Response to Dry Run (Almost!)

  1. bornoutsidethebox says:

    Rain bonnet? Would that be a good name for the foul-weather skirts?

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