Just Right! (The one-cup report.)

Technology stuff is all about balance — speed vs. stability, acceleration vs. top speed, etc. Risk vs. reward, too, of course.

It looks like the balance is pretty good, for me, with the 12-tooth sprocket installed. Installation is a snap. Literally. One snap-ring, and fingers do the rest.

I had to take one link out of the chain, and I couldn’t find my chain vise (7 years and a relocation — it’s a wonder I could find the pedals.) A nail-set to start it, and a finishing nail to finish driving out the pins. Dianna helped me get the engine back on the machine — it’s a three-hand job. She’s remarkably good at getting in there and helping without getting in the way. Thanks, honey!

I took a long ride – about 1/2 hour, all over Mogadore. I didn’t take Gladys the GPS, so I don’t know my speed on the flat, but it didn’t seem significantly reduced. I also found some longish hills to see what the trike would do with them — it never slowed enough that I could pedal! Good enough. I got across intersections about as fast as a car does, but then she’s topped out. Still, no one ever passed me or seemed to be held up by me.

Socially, though, there’s a world of difference between this and a bike, or, I suspect, a motorcycle. Thumbs up, friendly shouts, big grins — I started feeling a little shy, actually. The motorcycle guy I met ignored me, but the girl on the back started to wave, then stopped herself.

Well, almost ready to start using the mototrike as a commuter. The trike needs lights, and I need a little more experience. Oh, why is this a one-cup report? That’s the total amount of gas I’ve burned so far.



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