Draw Your Own Conclusions

The late 60’s and early 70’s scared the pants off the elite. A group called the “Trilateral Commission” was formed to keep the proles out of politics. One founder of the group was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter‘s chief political advisor.

Wait, what? Jimmy Carter? Liberal of liberals? Yep.

And Zbigniew Brzezinski authored the first draft of “The Crisis of Democracy.”  The title of the original commissioned report was “Report on the Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission.” The “problem” examined is how an “excess of democracy” can interfere with the rightful government by and for the wealthy. This document was aimed at restoring rule to the ruling class.


“The effective operation of a democratic political system usually requires some measure of apathy and noninvolvement on the part of some individuals and groups.”

Ok, by inducing apathy — so, how?

Interview with Noam Chomsky:

NC: . . . Have you read “The Crisis of Democracy”?

MF: No.

NC: Well, you should read it. They advocate it, and this is the liberal internationalist wing of the public intellectuals, the Carter administration. The crisis of democracy that they were worried about was that the ’60s had too much democracy [and] that people were supposed to be passive and apathetic. . . And one of the things that they talked about was imposing more discipline within what they called the institutions responsible for the indoctrination of the young: schools, universities, churches. They should be run like the Marine Corps, that’s what we liberals want. 

So, when you see:

what do you think is their stance on the “crisis of excessive democracy?” If that’s what the ‘liberals’ believe, then is there any real disagreement with the ‘conservatives’ about this?

Draw your own conclusions.

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